Biomedical Engineering: Fastest Growing Job in America

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Biomedical Engineering: Fastest Growing Job in America

Biomedical engineering is expected to be the fastest growing occupation, with a whopping growth project of 72% between 2008 and 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s not much of a surprise, given that this field lies at the nexus of technology and health care, two ballooning industries within the U.S. economy.

The immense growth of biomedical engineering will be driven by the demand for new treatments for diseases and the increasingly higher expectations of aging patients to maintain an active lifestyle. Indeed, the pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing industry experienced 11.1% sales growth in the past year, according to Sageworks.

From developing artificial organs, medical devices like pace makers, or refining imaging technology that allows doctors to examine patients in more precise ways than ever before, biomedical engineers will have plenty to work on in the coming decade.

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3 responses to “Biomedical Engineering: Fastest Growing Job in America”

  1. Ajwed Mohammed says:

    Thanks, i finally want to know what i want to do in life.

  2. Alejandro Strivalh says:

    Hello, I wanna know how many years in university is the biomedical engineering, and if the career works as a premedicine preparatin too. Any comment will be apreciate. Thanks!!

  3. Chris says:

    Alejandro, there a lot of pre-meds in the biomedical engineering programs. I’d say about a 1/3 but an admissions specialist has a better grasp of the statistics. Just compare the curriculum for biology major and a biomedical engineer, they are very similar. One would also think that a biomedical engineering degree would stand out better versus biology degrees before a medical school entrance panel.

    Please make an appointment with the department advisor for more information. There are also a number of faculty that are on the medical school entrance panel for FIU you may wish to speak with them also.

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