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The Outstanding PhD Student Award – Summer 2013: Ujwal Chaudhary

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Ujwal’s research involves the application of near infrared spectroscopy towards investigation of brain activation,
functional and effective connectivity and lateralization in response to different tasks, such as language, socio-communicative and motor skills.

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Challenging the way we interpret EEG data today

Members of the Neuronal Mass Dynamics Laboratory discovered last year the existence of temporal unbalances in the total current sources across the membranes of neurons (Riera et al., J Neurophysiol 108: 956-975, 2012), a study that was on the editorial focus of the journal of neurophysiology (Destexhe and Bedard, J Neurophysiol 108: 953–955, 2012). This […]

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Dr. Jessica Ramella-Roman appointed Associate Professor

The Department of Biomedical Engineering at Florida International University is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Jessica Ramella-Roman as Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at FIU.

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