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MARC U*STAR Awards – Karla Montejo

Please join me in congratulating MARC U*STAR Fellows Mariluz Soula, Karla Montejo and Alexander Durango on their selection as 2017 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) EXceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP) award recipients. This is quite an accomplishment for these amazing students, our program, and FIU! They will be learning which summer programs and which mentors […]

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Congratulations Dr. Ramaswamy – Hind Rattan Award

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The Hind Rattan (Hindi phrase translated to English as “Jewel of India”) is one of the highest Indian diasporic awards granted annually to non-resident persons of Indian origin (NRIs) by the NRI Welfare Society of India. The award is granted at the Society’s annual congress on the eve of India’s Republic Day,[1][2] in conjunction with […]

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