Dr. Ranu Jung Granted New Patent for Technology Promoting Adaptive Pacing of the Diaphragm

On January 23, 2018, Dr. Ranu Jung, BME Chair, was granted a new patent for technology that promotes adaptive pacing of the diaphragm. Patent #US9872989, titled “System and Method for Neuromorphic Controlled Adaptive Pacing of Respiratory Muscles and Nerves”, has been an ongoing project of Dr. Jung’s for several years.

Patent Summary:
Adaptive systems and methods for automatically determining and continuously updating stimulation parameters for adjusting ventilation to accommodate a patient’s specific physiology, metabolic needs, and muscle state are disclosed herein. Having a closed loop implementation, the system may comprise a controller including a neuromorphic controlled adaptive feed-forward Pattern Generator/Pattern Shaper (PG/PS) assembly, which controls respiratory muscle movement using electrical stimulation. This PG/PS assembly comprises a biomimetic design where the pattern generator includes a neural network mimicking the simplified connectivity pattern of respiratory related neurons in the brain stem to produce a rhythmic breathing pattern frequency and the pattern shaper includes a neural network mimicking the simplified connectivity pattern of neurons to produce a stimulus control signal. This biomimetic design for the controller automatically customizes and continually updates stimulation parameters to achieve a desired breathing pattern and, thereby, slow the development of muscle fatigue.

To learn more about the patent, click here.

Congratulations Dr. Jung!

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