DSC_0284On November 7th, the department of Biomedical Engineering at FIU hosted the 4th Annual Graduate Research Day as part of the Wallace H. Coulter Biomedical Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series. The event featured the research of several of FIU BME’s outstanding graduate students and also included lectures from David Drew, Professor at Claremont Graduate University, and Joseph Culver, Associate Professor at Washington University School of Medicine.

The graduate student poster presentation highlighted the research of 24 graduate students. Lakshmini Balachandar won first prize for her poster presentation on “A Quantitative Evaluation of Optogentically-Induced Calcium Signaling in Astrocytes.” Second place was won by Anh Le for his presentation on “Modified PEGDF and PEGDI Polymers for Non-Viral Gene Delivery in HEK 293 Cells.”

The seminar and luncheon provided the students and faculty the opportunity to meet with and learn from distinguished researchers in the field. David Drew spoke on his research interests in the improvement of STEM education and on the nuances of pursuing a career in academics. His current projects address: closing the STEM achievement gap, STEM curriculum reform, preparation of excellent STEM teachers, and the integration of engineering education and the liberal arts.

Joseph Culver focused his discussion on the latest developments in optical imaging technologies for brain function and network studies. He reviewed the current challenges in high-density diffuse optical tomography, including the development of large field-of-view photonics instrumentation, imaging arrays, and anatomical light modeling.

DSC_0280The event was coordinated by Wei-Chiang Lin, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director. Lin noted the success of the growing event, “Each year the event continues to improve. It is a great showcase for our students’ research and it provides the students and faculty with an opportunity to engage with the speakers.”

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