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Join the Biomedical Engineering Department for the Heart Day Symposium 2020 at Florida International University

February is known as Heart Month, a time to raise awareness about heart disease, promote heart health, and highlight ongoing research efforts to reduce cardiovascular disease. The Biomedical Engineering Department at FIU will commemorate this important occasion, now on its third consecutive year, with the “Heart Day Symposium” event on February 21st. This event is designed to bring awareness to cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, it is intended to enhance local collaboration and interaction with those working in this area and highlight current research and challenges in cardiovascular medicine.

We are honored to announce that Dr. Katherine Yutzey from the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and Dr. Lina Shehadeh, Associate Professor of Medicine at University of Miami Miller School of Medice, will participate as the main speakers of the event. Dr.Yutzey is a highly-eminent scientist and an internationally recognized expert in delineating molecular mechanisms in heart valve development. Her expertise is also equally profound in understanding pathological mechanisms in Cardiovascular Medicine, specifically, in cardiac fibrosis as well as in heart valve disease. Her work has been funded by the NIH and the AHA. Dr. Shehadeh’s laboratory is investigating the molecular mechanisms by which microRNAs regulate atherogenesis and stem cell differentiation. Her research has identified Osteopontin as a major regulator of heart failure and Alport pathology.

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Heart Day Symposium 2020