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Career Fair

Career Services hosts four career fairs every year — two on  the Modesto A. Maidique Campus and two on the Biscayne Bay Campus each semester.

Students and alumni wishing to attend Career Fair DO NOT need to register to do so. However, in order to attend students and alumni must wear professional attire, be able to submit one copy of their resume, and have a Panther ID.

Next Career Fairs will take place in the Fall semester


About Career Fair

Career Fair is one of the biggest career-related events in  the region. On the Modesto A. Maidique Campus alone, we regularly introduce  over 80 employers to nearly 1,500 of our students and alumni. Employers  comprise private industry; public, educational, and non-profit organizations;  local government, federal government, law enforcement, and military.

Career Fair is open only to FIU students and alumni, and is  free of charge to them. You will need to register when you attend. To make your  registration as quick as possible, please remember to bring your FIU Panther ID  card, or be able to provide your Panther ID number.


Professional attire and Panther ID number are required for admittance to the Career  Fair.


For students and alumni planning to attend  Career Fair

How should you prepare for Career Fair?

• Attend professional development workshops

Practice and preparation is essential for success at Career Fair. Essentially, Career Fair should be treated as a job interview. That is why we offer our professional development workshops throughout the year, as well as MEGA Career Week.

MEGA Career Week occurs the week prior to each Career Fair, and offers more of our regular professional development workshops as well as “How to Prepare for Career Fair,” a workshop designed specifically to address the crucial skills needed to be successful at a Career Fair.

• Perfect your resumé

Your resumé needs to stand out from the crowd. Be sure it stands out because of its polished and professional appearance, and not typos, inconsistencies, and errors.

The Career Services Office offers walk-in resumé critiques in what we call the Cyber Café. All you need to bring is a sample of your current resumé, and one of our staff members will ensure your resumé is flawless.

We also offer the professional development workshop, “Resumé and Cover Letter Writing,” to give you a headstart in the do’s and don’ts of resumé and cover letter creation. You can also find resume samples and guides here.

• Dress for Success

Although we live in an increasingly casual world, the saying “Dress for the job you want!” has never been more true. We require professional attire to admittance to Career Fair. Our professional development workshops address the topic of professional attire for both men and women, especially “How to Prepare for  Career Fair,” and “Interviewing Skills.”

• Practice Interview Program (PIP)

Practice does truly make perfect. Consider participating in the Practice Interview Program. This program allows you to interview with an actual recruiter who will provide invaluable feedback and critique your performance. In addition, you will learn what employers and recruiters are looking for in job candidates.

Once you feel prepared for Career Fair, remember to bring:

• Panther ID Card (Your Panther ID number gets you admitted to the Fair)

• Multiple copies of your resumé

• A briefcase or portfolio to hold your resumés and any material employers may provide you

(please leave backpacks and bookbags at home)

• Pen and paper to take notes (essential for following up with employers!)

For employers looking to attend  Career Fair

Career Fair is the best way to recruit and market your organization. With over 200 degree programs ranging from undergraduate to Doctoral, we have the person you are looking for.

In addition, Career Fair is an excellent way to brand your organization to the over 1,500 students and alumni who regularly attend Career Fair.

If you have any questions about registering to attend Career Fair, please feel free to contact us at any of our three locations. We look forward to you joining us at the next Career Fair.

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