Degree Requirements

To be eligible for an accelerated combined Bachelor’s / Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering you must:

  1. 1. Satisfy all degree requirements for the Bachelor’s degree. You may count up to nine hours of graduate courses as credits for both the BS electives and the MS degree.
    2. Satisfy all University requirements for the Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.
    3. Meet all undergraduate deficiencies, and requirements as specified by your advisory committee.
    4. Complete 30 semester hours of acceptable graduate level courses.
    5. Earn a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all approved courses in your approved program of study.
    6. Complete an acceptable thesis or graduate project.
    7. Pass an oral examination that includes an oral defense of the thesis or graduate project.

How it works

The BSMS Program is continuous. You apply for graduation with the BS and MS at the same time and receive a BS and MS degree on the same date, after requirements for both are completed.

When the BS degree requirements are met, you may “walk” for the graduation ceremony and request a temporary departmental certificate. You may also elect to permanently leave the combined program at any time and earn only the BS degree.

Once the BS is granted, you’ll have the same admission requirements to graduate programs as any other student. However, the combined MS degree would not be available if you decide to leave the combined program.

Grades and Credits

No course in which a grade below a ‘C’ is earned may be counted toward the completion of the degree.


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