Research for Credit          

The following Research-For-Credit Opportunities are currently available to our BME Undergraduate Students:

*BME 4912 Undergraduate Research in Biomedical Engineering (1-3).

Participate in supervised research activities on current biomedical engineering topics under the direction of a BME faculty member.

*These credits do not count towards a degree, however.

Research for Pay

Students can be hired by faculty members to perform research in a lab but keep in mind that students can’t get paid and receive credit for the same work.  Thus, if they are being paid, they can’t register for the course for credit.   Note that we currently do not allow the research credits to count towards the degree program.

BME Faculty

The Biomedical Engineering department at FIU is home to a world-class faculty.

Our faculty are focused in three primary areas: engineered tissue model systems, diagnostic imaging and sensor systems and therapeutic/reparative nanotechnology.

Learn more about our faculty, administration, postdoctoral fellows, scientist and engineers .