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Biomedical Engineering Committees

Biomedical Engineering Committees

The Biomedical Engineering committee members and representatives serve terms as determined in accordance with the department bylaws. The principal function of the department committees is to serve as central steering committees for governance. The members serve with the intention of sharing their experience and expertise to help the department grow and be more effective.

In that capacity, the committee members explore and gather information for deliberation and action by the faculty under the policy guidelines of the University, College, and Department. The committees also recommend solutions and operations that are presented to other officers of the administration.

College Committee Representations

Professor Jessica Ramella-Roman
Faculty Council (2020-2022) ​
Professor Raj Pulugurtha
Faculty Council (2021-2023)
Professor Michael Brown
Library Committee
Professor Michael Christie
IT Committee
Professor Wei-Chiang Lin
Curriculum Committee
Professor Shuliang Jiao Tenure and Promotion Committee
Professor James Schummers Awards Committee
Professor Zach Danziger Budget Committee

Undergraduate Program Committee

Professor Anuradha Godavarty
Professor Raj Pulugurtha Voting Member
Professor Zachary Danziger Voting Member
Professor Michael Brown
Voting Member
Professor Michael Christie Voting Member
Professor Anthony McGoron Non-Voting Member
Professor Joshua Hutcheson Voting Member
Ms. Saradia-Laure Lerouge Voting Member
Ms. Maria Monje Ramos Voting Member

Graduate Program Committee

Professor Sharan Ramaswamy
Professor Joshua Hutcheson
Voting Member
Professor Wei-Chiang Lin Voting Member
Professor Jessica Ramella Roman Voting Member
Professor James Schummers Voting Member

Doctoral Qualifying Exam Committee

Professor Sharan Ramaswamy​ (Chair) Engineered tissue model systems Fall 20 – Spring 22
Professor Raj Pulugurtha
Therapeutic and reparative neurotechnology Spring 21 – Fall 22
Professor Wei-Chiang Lin
Diagnostic bioimaging and nanosensor systems Spring 21 – Fall 22
Professor Joshua Hutcheson Engineered Tissue Model Systems Fall 20 – Spring 22