Creativity, Innovation and Hard Work Took the lead in the Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Project Showcase

Ten different innovative ideas that could change the lives of thousands, were presented by the Biomedical Engineering undergraduates at the Ocean Bank Convocation Center at FIU. After two semesters of dedication, senior students exposed to the college community, the public and potential investors, their final project.

Inspired to help the society with their creations and gathering all the knowledge they had acquired during their classes, students worked for an entire year to develop a real-life biomedical device that obeyed to advanced manufacturing techniques, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, principles of design excellence, and intellectual property laws that are presented by industry professionals.

A wireless electrode for the SA node of the heart, a protective headgear for high-risk TBI individuals, a system to quantify the effect of visual inputs on body sway and a new way for casting a prosthetic socket, were just a few of the projects that impressed the audience that had the opportunity to appreciate the creativity of the students.

To motivate students to continue with their research or further projects, the judges selected the best three posters and they were rewarded with an economic incentive.

The first place was received by the team who created a “Rehabilitative Knee Brace” that provides resistance during extension and flexion of the lower leg which would promote activation of leg extensor and flexor muscles.

The second place went to the students that developed the “Neuro-Fit 360: Companion” a gait training device invented to assist individuals with spinal cord injuries to restore their gait control by continuing therapy at home with the assistance of their family members. Third place was awarded to “Garrison Gauge”, which objective is to deliver an automatic gauge that measures the inner perimeter of a prosthetic socket with higher accuracy and precision.

The Showcase was also the best opportunity for students to demonstrate their accomplishments and to share it with the community. “We used what we learned in this awesome university: the combination of all the knowledge together through all the classes and the courses we had to finally implement and try to change the world for the better”, expressed Jay Yeung, one of the senior students that showed his project.

Additionally, students highlighted their understanding of the importance of what they can do as Biomedical Engineers now that they are about to graduate. “I really like how we can work to improve people’s lives,” said, Marielle Pascual, a member of the “Rehabilitative Knee Brace” winning team.

Prior to this big event, students first did a detailed presentation of their projects to their peers, faculty professors, sponsors and judges. The 10 groups showed their knowledge acquired in this last’s semesters at FIU in their creative and useful ideas.

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Senior Design Project Showcase Fall 2019




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