Congratulations Seniors!

Ranu-Jung-FIU-college-engineering-computing-300x300As senior Biomedical Engineering students at Florida International University, you have come to the end of an incredible journey.
Your Senior Design Projects are a reflection of your efforts and your capstone undergraduate experience.

Your work is an illustration of the many skills you have sharpened during the course of this yearlong project. You have discovered new ways of thinking, designed and developed an engineering solution for a practical problem, and collaborated with your teammates to deliver innovative solutions. It is encouraging to see your accomplishments and to have witnessed your growth as students.

As you embark on the next stage of your education and careers, keep the confidence that comes from having enhanced your knowledge, remain inquisitive and have the courage to achieve your dreams.

Dr. Ranu Jung

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7:30am – Breakfast

8:00am – Welcome from Dr. Ranu Jung,
Chair and Professor of Biomedical Engineering

8:05am – Introduction & Orientation – Dr. Michael Christie, Senior Instructor of Biomedical Engineering

8:15am – Team 1: Wireless Electrode for the SA Node of the Heart

8:40am – Team 2: Auxadyne’s XPF Protective Headgear for High-Risk Traumatic Brain Injury Individuals

9:05am – Team 3: System to Quantify the Effect of Visual Inputs on Body Sway

9:30am – Team 4: IMPro:Application of the Gate Control Theory of Pain in Reducing Discomfort During Intramuscular Injections

9:55am – Team 5: Foam-Based Pressure System for Aid in Casting of Transtibial and Transfemoral Amputees

10:20am – Team 6: Rehabilitative Knee Brace

10:45am – Team 7: NeuroFit 360: Companion

11:10am – Team 8: KATT: Knee Analog Test Tool for VERASENSE

11:35am – Team 9: NeuroBeats: A Wearable Stimulator for Parkinson’s Disease

12:00pm – Team 10: Garrison Gauge

1:00pm – Lunch

2:00pm – Awards

Congratulations To Our Senior Design Project Winners

1st Place

Team 10
Project Name: Garrison Gauge

Faculty Advisor: Wei-chang Lin
Company Sponsor: Garrison’s Prosthetic Services

Team Members: Joanise Casimir, Caroline Nunez, Alexandra Tchir, Joseph Zatarain

2nd Place

Team 6
Project Name: Rehabilitative Knee Brace

Faculty Advisors: Zachary Danziger, Michael Christie
Company Sponsor: Dr. Mark Rossi, FIU Department of Physical Therapy

    Team Members: Hannah Nelson, Mariell Pascual, Jonathan Williams, Baarbod Ashenagar

3rd Place

Team 7
Project Name: NeuroFit 360: Companion
Faculty Advisor: Ranu Jung
Company Sponsor: NeuroFit 360

Team Members: Jessica Zatarain, Kelsie Bryant, Harmen’S Marc, Guillermo Paz

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Senior Design Project Showcase Fall 2019




NOVA Southeastern University

Dr. Mario Nunez

Garrison’s Prosthetic Services

Dr. Mark Rossi, FIU Department of Physical Therapy

NeuroFit 360


Weinstock Physical Therapy, PC Garrison’s Prosthetic Services