Sana Nasim, a BME Graduate Student, Won Second Place at the 3MT Competition at FIU

In just three minutes Sana was able to expose and describe, to non-biomedical experts, her research on how pigment cells in the aortic valve play a key role in heart diseases. She demonstrated her communication skills and her capacity to explain the work effectively, being awarded by the judges.

With this simple, but catching phrase, Sana started her presentation at the FIU 3MT competition: I want you to take a look at the size of your fist. Rapidly she captured the attention of the audience and engaged with them. Then, she continued by talking about the importance of being aware of heart disease, since is the leading cause of death in the United States. Finally, she introduced and described her research and its significance at a level that anyone who was present could understand.

The experience was great. I had been practicing 3MT for years with my siblings. I knew I had to bring up my research to the most basic level. So I worked on that and then it was more easy for me to write a script that I could actually explain to somebody and that they could understand the significance of my work, instead of just keeping that in the corner of my lab and that I could bring it to the world, expressed Sana.

In an understandable but professional level, Sana explained to the audience the purpose of the aortic valve and pointed out the influence of elastin in its proper function. She revealed that her research had found out that pigment cells produce this elastin, that knowing this will help manipulate the cells and that Instead of replacing valves through mechanical or prosthetics, it would be possible to use cell-based therapy to treat the aortic valve diseases.

Every graduate student should practice 3MT because you want to be able to relate your work with the community that you are impacting recommended Sana.

The 3MT is an annual competition held in over 200 universities worldwide. It challenges participants to present their research in just 180 seconds. Sana will be presenting her research at the Conference of Florida Graduate Schools 3MT® Competition, to be held in Orlando on April 15, 2020.