Today, we celebrate International Women’s Day! We would like to celebrate by featuring our female faculty. Dr. Ranu Jung, Chair and Professor of biomedical engineering, is a renowned researcher who focuses on the development of biologically inspired technologies to interface with the nervous system to repair and promote recovery of lost function after trauma or disease. Most recently, Dr. Jung received a patent on her newest technology titled “System and Method for Neuromorphic Controlled Adaptive Pacing of Respiratory Muscles and Nerves”, and was recognized as a fellow by the National Academy of Inventors. Congratulations Dr. Jung for all of your accomplishments, and for being a role model for current and future female engineers!

Jessica Ramella-Roman, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor who conducts research in bio-photonics and focuses particularly on the development of devices and methodologies for diagnosis of disease. Recently, Dr. Ramella and her team of graduate students developed a cost effective and hand-held device that uses optical technologies to detect subtle changes in cervical tissue that may indicate early stage cancer. Dr. Ramella had the opportunity to visit Mysore, India, where her technology was rigorously tested. Thank you Dr. Ramella for your research, and for your dedication to women’s healthcare around the world!

Anuradha Godavarty, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor and BME’s Undergraduate Program Director. Dr. Godavarty’s research work focuses in the area of optical-based molecular imaging and tomography. Currently, her work is focused on developing near-infrared optical technologies for bed-side wound imaging, with ongoing clinical studies on diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers and arterial leg ulcers.  Her other clinical applications have been in breast cancer and functional brain mapping using near-infrared optical imaging. Thank you Dr. Godavarty for your dedication towards your research, and inspiring female engineers!