Bioelectronics Packaging Course

We are proud to announce that the BME Department will have a new course for Fall 2018 taught by our newest faculty member, Dr. Raj Pulugurtha.

This course acts as a bridge between biology and electronic systems. Students will learn the principles that govern the design and fabrication of miniaturized systems for implantable electronics. The key topics include:

  • Introduction to wide variety of biomedical electronics
  • Integration of various components that go into the system
  • Providing connectivity between the components and to the neural interfaces
  • Power supply and conversion
  • Fundamentals of reliability, characterization and validation strategies.

Tremendous amount of money and resources are currently being spent on healthcare, which includes diagnosis and management of chronic conditions. With advances in high-performance and high-density packaging, bioelectronics can easily be implanted through minimally invasive surgical procedures or even utilized by wearing them on the skin for diagnosis and treatment. This can dramatically lower the health costs and enhance the quality of life. This course will explore the barriers in achieving these objectives and how to innovate new approaches to overcome those barriers.

Currently most schools offer courses that are either centered towards microfabrication approaches (MEMS, Sensors, microfluidics) or electronic packaging or biomedical applications. In order to overcome the challenges associated with future healthcare, students will need to master the underlying principles in biology, medicine, electrical engineering, materials science, chemistry and chemical processing. This course will seamlessly connect these diverse set of disciplines to provide comprehensive solutions for bioelectronics implants. The course intends to create additional value by bringing overall system focus and broad interdisciplinary approach that connects all these topics to realize future systems, making it the first of its kind.

The course is designed for senior undergraduate students, as well as graduate students. Students are expected to have an introductory background in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Materials. The course will be taught in the Fall on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00PM-1:50PM.

Click here to read course flyer.