rajThe Department of Biomedical Engineering welcomes Dr. Raj Markondeya! Dr. Raj has joined our department as associate professor. His expertise is in the areas of packaging of electronic and bioelectronic systems, power-supply and wireless component integration in flex and rigid packages, biocompatible packaging with high-density feedthroughs. He also has a joint appointment with ECE at FIU. He is an adjunct faculty with the Georgia Institute of Technology, ECE Department and Packaging Research Center, where he co-lead several technical thrusts in electronic packaging, working with the whole electronic ecosystem, which includes semiconductor, packaging, material, tool and end-user companies. He is widely recognized for his contributions in integrated passive components and technology roadmaping, and also for promoting the role of nanomaterials and nanostructures for electronics packaging applications, as evident through his several industry partnerships, invited presentations, publications and awards.

Dr. Raj will be teaching the world’s first course on Bioelectronics Packaging. This course acts as a bridge between biology and electronic systems. Students will learn the principles that govern the design and fabrication of miniaturized systems for implantable electronics. The key topics include:

  • Introduction to wide variety of biomedical electronics
  • Integration of various components that go into the system
  • Providing connectivity between the components and to the neural interfaces
  • Power supply and conversion
  • Fundamentals of reliability, characterization and validation strategies.

The course is designed for senior undergraduate students, as well as graduate students. Students are expected to have an introductory background in Biomedical Engineering and Engineering Materials. The course will be taught in the Fall on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 1:00PM-1:50PM.

Welcome to FIU BME!