Jorge Riera

Jorge Riera, Ph.D. – Director NMD Lab

Members of the Neuronal Mass Dynamics Laboratory discovered last year the existence of temporal unbalances in the total current sources across the membranes of neurons (Riera et al., J Neurophysiol 108: 956-975, 2012), a study that was on the editorial focus of the journal of neurophysiology (Destexhe and Bedard, J Neurophysiol 108: 953–955, 2012).

This finding triggered later on a debate about the plausibility and implications of EEG current monopolar sources (Gratiy et al., J Neurophysiol 109:1681-1682, 2013; Bedard and Destexhe, J Neurophysiol 109:1683, 2013; Riera and Cabo, J Neurophysiol 109:1684-1685, 2013). The existence of such monopolar sources in our brain can drastically change the way we interpret EEG data today. The topic is discussed this month in an outstanding (2012 ISI Impact Factor 31.673) scientific journal (Einevoll et al., Nature Review Neuroscience 14, 770-785, 2013).

(Nature Review Neuroscience, IF = 31.6)