Dinesh Bhatia

Dinesh Bhatia Dinesh Bhatia, Ph.D.
Courtesy Research Assistant Professor,
ARC 1247
(305) 348-4782 O
(305) 348-2176 Lab
(305) 348-6954 Fax


Curriculum Vitae

Keywords: Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Spinal Cord Injury, Osteoarthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, muscle modeling.

Research interests:

Dr. Bhatia’s research focuses on understanding muscle mechanics, joint kinematics and dynamics involved in performing bodily movement & routine tasks and undermining how the same is affected during an injury or disease. Different muscle groups function in a synchronized and coordinated manner to perform a given task, wherein the activity of one muscle group affects that of another. To understand this phenomenon different scientific, engineering (mathematical and computational modeling) and statistical tools may be applied on experimental and simulated data collected during studies. The different tools which can be applied for EMG and Gait data analysis are fuzzy, multivariate statistics (PCA, FA, MCA), fractal dynamics, neural networks and time frequency (wavelet analysis). The results from these studies, may lead to accelerated innovation that significantly improves the quality of design of available orthotics and prosthesis devices, hence enhancing the quality of life for physically challenged and paralyzed people in the society.

Selected papers

  • Dinesh Bhatia, Gagan Bansal, R.P Tewari, K K Shukla, 2011, “State of Art Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)” International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 5 (1), pp 77-99.
  • Gagan Bansal, Dinesh Bhatia, Deepak Joshi, Sneh Anand, R.P.Tewari, 2011, “Coordination between lower limb muscles in different locomotion activities”, International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology, 6 (2), pp 129-141.
  • Manoj Duhan, Dinesh Bhatia, Chanderpal Sharma, 2011, “Study of Signal processing techniques for EMG analysis”, International Journal of Biomechatronics and Biomedical Robotics, 1 (3), pp 141-148
  • Dinesh Bhatia, Daljeet Boora, Seema Rohilla, Shivank Goel, 2010, “Study and designing of optimal filter for ECG Analysis”, International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Healthcare Informatics, 3 (1), pp. 29-33.
  • Dinesh Bhatia, 2010, “Bone cement: The New Medical Quick fix”, Chronicles of Young Scientists, 1 (1), pp. 6-9.