Dr. Ranu Jung

Dr. Ranu Jung

May 12, 2015- Department of Biomedical Engineering Chair, Ranu Jung, was granted a patent for the development of a communication interface system between sensors in a prosthetic arm or leg and a neural stimulator for restoring sensation to amputees. Unlike current systems, Jung’s work facilitates the communicating of information from multiple hardware fabricated sensors and multiple modes of sensation.

This invention will potentially improve the amputee’s quality of sensation and control over their prosthetic. Increased control over the prosthetic limb will directly enhance the amputee’s ability to perform daily tasks and will help to improve their overall quality of life. Dr. Jung is one of the preeminent scholars in neural engineering and sensorimotor integration as much of her research focuses on the development of biologically inspired technologies to interface with the nervous system to repair and promote recovery of lost function after trauma or disease.

The recent patent marks her second for the year and the sixth patent for the department in 2015.

This invention was supported under a grant awarded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). For more information on the patent, click here.

For more information on Dr. Jung’s research, visit www.ans.fiu.edu