On Saturday, May 5th, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida (EEOF) hosted their annual walk. EFOF assists individuals with epilepsy and seizures to overcome challenges caused by epilepsy, and provides services and information that enables them to best manage their health and reduce their symptoms. This is an occasion for friends, family and loved ones of those living with epilepsy to come together, organize a team and walk to support this cause. The walk has become a staple in the epilepsy community. BME, as a supporter and researcher of the cause, was a sponsor of the event. Associate Professor Dr. Jorge Riera-Diaz and graduate student Carolina Moncion attended the event representing BME and the Neuronal Mass Dynamics Lab (NMD). This was NMD’s second year participating in Walk the Walk for Epilepsy. Dr. Riera and Carolina had the opportunity to talk to the community about the brain, how it functions, and how their lab is working towards improving the lives of those suffering from neurological disorders, especially epilepsy, through their research. “As part of the FIU BME department, Dr. Riera and I were able to offer unique insight to how broad the field is and some of the areas of research available” says Carolina. “Thanks to this we were able to educate and recruit possible future BME students.” Thank you to Dr. Riera and Carolina for attending the event, and congratulations to the Epilepsy Foundation for hosting a wonderful event!