Hand-held optical imager

Hand-held optical imager for breast cancer imaging

Congratulations to Dr. Godavarty.  She has been awarded an R15 grant from National Cancer Institute at NIH.  The project titled “Hand-held optical imager for breast cancer imaging” is a 2-year grant with a total budget of $ 348K.  The grant is a competitive renewal of her past R15 grant, which was focused on developing a hand-held optical imager towards breast imaging.  The current R15 grant is focused in translating the technology to the clinic via preliminary 2D and 3D tomographic imaging studies on normal and breast cancer subjects.  The proposed research significantly impacts by accelerating the clinical translation of the emerging optical imaging technology towards early-stage breast cancer diagnosis, due to the unique and innovative method of 3D target localization using a portable and inexpensive hand-held optical imager.