The Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) is the largest professional society representing the Biomedical Engineering and Bioengineering fields, and their annual meeting attracts almost 4,000 researchers, clinicians and professionals from the medical device and biotechnology fields.


On October 12-14 of 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona, the Department of Biomedical Engineering at FIU, hosted a space at the largest annual BMES meeting to date. Accompanying the department staff at the event was undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and alumni. Students had the opportunity to present their projects and research to leading experts in the industry.


Graduate student, Ricardo Siu, whose project is titled “A Neuromorphic Syste for Adaptive Closed-Loop Control of Ventilation After Spinal Cord Injury,” commented “BMES was a great hub in which I could discuss both my current and future research opportunities with experts in the BME field.” Fellow grad student, Arash Moshkforoush added, “BMES is the best place for the most important thing, networking.” Arash’s own poster presentation was titled, “Revisiting CSD Propagation Characteristics with Microelectrode Arrays: From Spiking to Field Potentials.”


The department’s time in Phoenix included a university reception where nearly 200 students and faculty from biomedical engineering departments around the nation came together and had the opportunity to speak with many of FIU’s own faculty, including department chair, Dr. Ranu Jung.


“Our graduate and undergraduate students gave excellent Technical presentations.  The booth at BMES was continuously attended by the participants. The crowning presence was the attendance of close to two hundred BMES members attending our reception; BMES fellows, Department heads, graduate and undergraduate students gathered for a few hours,” said Ranu Jung.


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