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Senior Design Expo
Please review next term’s projects and select one team/project you would like to mentor.

    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    1 TBA Wireless Seismocardiogram Problem Statement: Current wearable cardiac monitoring devices only evaluate the cardiac electrical events through electrocardiography (ECG). Alternatively, seismocardiography (SCG) provides useful information on the heart sounds and mechanical events, allowing early detection of heart diseases. However, there is lack of a commercial SCG device that is noninvasive, wearable, wireless, and compact. Proposed Solution: The proposed solution is to design a miniaturized multilayer patch, which will be adhered on the chest, capable of recording signals wirelessly that are produced by the vibration of the heart. We will also focus on maintaining the sensitivity to abnormal cardiac pulses, collecting data continuously, and minimizing the signal-noise ratio of the sensor. Said device will be composed of flexible piezoelectrics and electronics, as well as operating batteryless. Project Scope: To provide a batteryless and wireless SCG patch made of a high compliance piezoelectric polymer to sense deep/low cardiac pulses, that is in contact with the skin. Measurable outcomes will include the sensitivity and signal to noise ratio. Said project will be completed by April 2022 and with an available funding of $3000.   Jabil Inc. Girish Wable
    I Choose to Mentor Team 1: Dr. Raj
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    2 TBA Adjustable VCD Acessory for Detection of Chirality in Antiviral Drugs Problem Statement: Chiral drugs involve the presence of chiral molecules, these drugs either have one enantiomer that is usually therapeutic, or another enantiomer of the drug may have undesired side effects. If there are inaccuracies in the detection of chirality then there are fatal consequences for antiviral drugs. Proposed Solution: The team will design an adjustable vibrational circular dichroism (VCD) accessory device to an FTIR spectrometer to detect the presence of chiral molecules. This will directly mitigate the detrimental effects that utilizing the incorrect enantiomer may have in the metabolism and toxicity level of the drug. Project Scope: To provide a functional attachable VCD accessory, devlop the essemtial configuration of the VCD design, and the budget will cover any additional optical equipment and permits required to finish the prototype by April 2022.   BioTools Dr. Rina Dukor
    I Choose to Mentor Team 2: Dr. Jiao
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    3 TBA Skin-on-a-Chip Problem Statement: Studying the dynamic cellular microenvironment is challenging requires immense in-vitro and in-vivo studies, but both come with considerable counterproductive factors. On one side, in-vivo testing allows the study of a whole organism but it often fails to predict actual human outcome since human cells are not involved. While, in-vitro testing uses human cells but does not provide a complete representation of a system due to its stagnant condition and lack of cell to cell interaction in dynamic flow. This brings up the need for the development of a testing method that could bridge both practices to mimic human skin as closely as possible.Proposed Solution: The project will lead to the development of a microfluidic device that could mimic the 3D microenvironments of the natural human skin and measure real-time cell activity with the integration of sensors into our design (pH and uric acid). Skin cells are cultured within a platform system in which physical and biochemical parameters (such as medium flow, mechanical force, and gradients of biochemicals) can be controlled. Project Scope: To provide a microfluidic chip that mimics the skin by April 2022, using the $50k grant funding that . The device must provide a dynamic environment for cells and include a pH and uric acid sensor. Measurements taken from the sensors will be used to analyze cell viability. To evaluate the accuracy of measurements from the sensor, control tests will be performed. Assist Center Vivek Kamat
    I Choose to Mentor Team 3:
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    4 TBA EvenFlow: Electrical System to Prevent Cerebral Vasospasms Problem Statement: Cerebral vasospasm occurs after experiencing aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (aSAH). Effective treatments for vasospasm are limited. Surgical treatment of aSAH includes endovascular coiling and surgical clipping however, complications with cerebral vasospasm still frequently occur after successful surgery. Delayed cerebral vasospasm causes clinical deterioration, cerebral infarction, and death. Proposed Solution:To design and build a device that will prevent vasospasms at designated brain regions by targeting and electrically stimulating the trigeminal nerve to limit blood vessel constriction. Project Scope: To design a fully functional two component system consisting of a wearable prototype and an implantable device by April 2022 with a given budget of $2000.00. This system will provide a facilitated method for electrical stimulation of the central nervous system to prevent cerebral vasospasms in specific regions of the brain via the trigeminal nerve during and following the first few days of aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage surgery. Beta Blue Inc. Dr. Jeremy Ollerenshaw
    I Choose to Mentor Team 4: Dr. Riera
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    5 TBA Hemodialysis Intravenous Access Device Problem Statement: The current preferred method of port of entry for hemodialysis is an AV fistula and it comes with many possible complications such as infection, stenosis, steal syndrome, lymphedema, congestive heart failure, ischemic neuropathy and thrombosis. Repeated punctuation accelerates these complications as well as causes a buildup of scar tissue. Proposed Solution: To create a device which connects to a standard dialysis machine and reduces the risks associated with the most commonly used method today, an AV fistula, and repuncturing of the same area continuously Project Scope: To create a device which will replace the need for an AV fistula as an access point for hemodialysis patients which will allow for continuous access to a blood vessel and eliminate the need for repunturation of the same area as well as be compatible with software simulations to verify normal blood flow and be tested on an artificial model-arm that will be used for implant testing/verification. This wil be done with a budget of $300 and completed by April 2022. Dynamic Design EngineeringDDD Lab Inc. Manuel Dugrot
    I Choose to Mentor Team 5: Dr. Ramaswamy
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    6 TBA Music Vibration Device for Parkison's Problem Statement: There are more than 60,000 people that are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year in the United States (US). Patients with Parkinson’s have trouble balancing making walking difficult due to degenerative motor function from lack of dopamine. Proposed Solution: To design a medical device that uses technology that will conduct the vibrations from music through the bone, stimulating the bone to release neurotransmitters and alleviate the symptoms for patients with Parkinson’s resulting in enhanced balance when walking. Project Scope: To Provide a wireless, lightweight sock that can be worn over the bone of the ankle that will connect to a person’s device(smartphone) to play music through vibration therapy for patients with Parkinson's Disease with a budget of $300. The completion date will be April of 2022. Weinstock Physical Therapy P.C. Ben Weinstock
    I Choose to Mentor Team 6: Dr. Danziger
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    7 TBA SCOBY Bio-Thread Problem Statement: There is a lack of low-cost cellular matrices that recapitulate primary systems. These medical structures are used for wound healing, artificial organs, surgical applications, in vitro modeling, and other applications. Proposed Solution: The creation of a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast from microbial nanofibers derived from the Kombucha fermentation process. Thin threads composed of a tunable diversity of microbial nanofibers can be used to create desired 3D structures, particularly fabric-like sheets of varying properties. The bioactive thread product will be applied to creating wound dressings. Project Scope: To deliver the development of an uninterrupted thread at least 5 feet in length with a diameter no greater than 2 millimeters that can be spooled and unspooled without aggregation, and associated protocols from microbial cultures (SCOBY). To be completed within a budget of $500 by April 2022 Polarity Ventures LLC Obdulio Piloto
    I Choose to Mentor Team 7: Dr. Godavarty
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    8 TBA Wearable Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) device for hip rehabilitation Problem Statement: Unmet need to make NMES therapy remote and more accessible to post operative total hip replacement patients. Proposed Solution: The proposed solution is to design a lightweight, wearable device that can provide NMES therapy as patients go about their normal activities unlike other NMES devices which can only be used when a patient is stationary. Project Scope: To adapt the existing KneeStim device from Articulate Labs along with its code in order to provide mobile NMES therapy for the hip muscles by keeping the electrodes over targeted muscle bellies and wiring intact throughout range of motion on all three planes. The project will be completed by April 2022 with an estimated budget of $1000. Articulate Labs, Inc Mr. Josh Rabinowitz
    I Choose to Mentor Team 8: Dr. Schummers
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    9 TBA Fusiopsy Problem Statement: Biopsy punches are the most used devices to obtain tissue for further analysis to diagnose skin diseases and treat skin conditions. More than 1.8 million punch biopsies in the United States are performed yearly. Nevertheless, the standard device leads to scarring and bleeding, as well as keloidization and poor cosmetic results. Proposed Solution: To design a medical instrument that facilitates a biopsy procedure with the result of reduced scarring, bleeding, and keloid formation for better prognosis, while incorporating a means of affordability and reliability for long-term usage, via a new blade shape and handle versatility. Project Scope: To develop a a skin punch biopsy tool with a blade that has characteristics of an elliptical shape in order improve prognosis and reduce the probability of bleeding and scarring in affected regions, integrating fusiform excision and punch biopsy. Given a budget of $3,500 and a date of completion by April 2022. Doc On The Rock Thomas Morrison, M.D.
    I Choose to Mentor Team 9: