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Senior Design Expo
Please review next term’s projects and select one team/project you would like to mentor.

    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    1 TBA Cost-Accessible Amputation Surface Scanner for Residual Limb Modeling and Socket Mold Creation Failing to accurately capture the geometry of a residual limb to facilitate prosthesis socket fitting can result in limitations to patient mobility and increase instances of injury and discomfort. Some existing methods of recording the contours of residual limbs with appropriate accuracy also may cause skin irritation and discomfort due to requiring the patient to remain still for extended periods of time. To create a cost-effective scanner that can be used to quickly obtain an accurate model of a residual limb in the format of a positive and negative model, which can then be 3D printed to facilitate the making of a well-fitting, personalized socket without requiring the application of additional material directly to a patient’s skin. Bio Engineering Labs Corp Arley Franco
    I Choose to Mentor Team 1: Dr. Shuliang Jiao
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    2 TBA RestoreVS Treatments for schizophrenia currently involve the use of either pharmaceuticals, which often provoke side effects (like uncontrollable movements and weight gain for antipsychotics), or through invasive stimulation treatments (like ECT Treatment and Deep Brain Stimulation), both of which do not reach a desirable rate of efficacy in treating positive symptoms. A non-invasive, wearable device that operates as an interferential stimulator that will target the vagus nerve. Such a device will output controlled electrical signals, through electrodes placed at the skin, that reach the vagus nerve, which, in turn, will stimulate the brain stem, thus reducing the onset of symptoms brought on by schizophrenia. Stimulation onto the vagus nerve normalizes the activity of dopamine, which is the hormone that promotes the positive symptoms presented in schizophrenia, while also restoring normal hippocampal function. BetaBlue,Inc. TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 2: Dr. Jorge Riera
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    3 TBA Assistive Walking Hip Device Loss of body movement control includes balance problems (ataxia) in the lower area of the body (hip.) This condition is caused by post-stroke brain damage, affecting about 800,000 people in the U.S. annually. Current devices to treat this condition are expensive & some of them are not available in the U.S. market. To design an adjustable, programmed active hip device that assists patients in regaining equilibrium & improving motor function. This device will help these patients stabilize their gait by targeting hip & thigh muscles by focusing on three degrees of freedom of the hip, eventually improving their quality of life. Assistive Walking Hip Device TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 3: Dr. Wei-Chiang Lin
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    4 TBA ProphyLD While Lyme Disease (LD) cases are rising in North America and Europe, there is currently no prophylactic or therapeutic modality to treat LD other than antibiotics, which encounter bacterial resistance and could lead to chronic Lyme Disease. The team will design and manufacture a portable, self-applied device that outdoor enthusiasts can benefit from while spending time in grassy, woody, and humid areas. If a tick is discovered stuck to the skin, the user can remove it using the device and immediately treat the tick bite with a microcurrent-boosted silver ion therapy, effective in under 30 minutes. If no tick is found, but the erythema migrans is present, just the silver ion therapy is necessary. The device will inform the user about the treatment progress to avoid under- or overtreatment, and it will comply with the relevant standards on electrical medical devices and biocompatibility. Activoris Medizintechnik GmbH TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 4: Dr. Joshua Hutcheson
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    5 TBA Ampoule Scoring & Sealing Thread Bioscience’s ampoules for CultureStat currently have a rejection rate of 20-30% due to inconsistent scoring and sealing of the ampoules, which will lead to improper UTI diagnosis and failure of device marketing. To eliminate manual production of the ampoules and develop an automated process so that the ampoules are mass-produced consistently and efficiently, retain the integrity of the testing reagents, and better the means of delivery for testing in the CultureStat. Thread Bioscience TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 5: Dr. Anthony McGoron
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    6 TBA Machine for UTI Testing Tissue retractors are surgical instruments used to withdraw fatty tissue away from the lower abdomen during invasive procedures. Currently, personnel are utilizing tape to retract the oversized panniculus of the obese patient, this substandard approach causes the patient to feel embarrassed, isolated, and degraded. This current modality is unpleasant looking for the staff and patient and compromises safety by not securely retracting the extra adipose tissue in a tested manner. We intend to design an abdominal retractor that will provide assurance that the tissue is secure, grants visibility to the medical staff, and allows the patient to feel at ease. The device will incorporate a better design in terms of performance, strength, material, size, and layout, which in turn will improve the patient and staff’s experience in the operating room. TAG3 TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 6: Dr. Zachary Danziger
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    7 TBA 3D CPM Device to Restore Elbow Mobility Elbow immobility is a frequent complication that may occur in different cases such as after a stroke, spinal cord injury, and head injuries. As of now there is no cure but there are different types of treatment being provided such as surgery, physical therapy, casts, and CPM devices. Although there are a variety of available CPM devices, not many are accessible to patients at home due to their lack of portability. The Biomedical Engineering project is to design and develop a medical device that will help recover functionality in the elbow for patients who suffer from paralysis or weakness in the elbow. The medical device will be capable of delivering CPM therapy to the elbow and be a more accessible option for patients. Bio Engineering Labs Corp TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 7: Dr. James Schummers
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    8 TBA Alteon Acetabular Cup Impactor The Alteon acetabular cup impactor has a risk of disengaging from the cup prematurely during operation which could lead to damage to the implanted device, prolonged surgery, and increased patient health risk. To design an Acetabular Cup Impactor for hip replacement surgery that will allow for surgeons to quickly and efficiently reposition the cup without having the surgical procedure take a step back, leading to a loss of time. Exactech, Inc TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 8: Dr. Raj Pulugurtha
    Team Members Project Title Project Description Sponsor Contact
    9 TBA Fibular Wire Guide During fibular nail surgery, nail placement relies on guide-wire insertion, which is the most time consuming aspect of the procedure because the wire is placed too medially or too laterally often. However, current solutions rely on incorrect initial placement. Our team will design a distal fibula guide that will target the initial insertion of the k-wire. This add-on will also direct the correct trajectory that the nail must follow inside the medullary canal, adapting to patients' anatomy. Arthrex TBA
    I Choose to Mentor Team 9: Dr. Nikolaos Tsoukias