Jennifer McKenzie


Jennifer McKenzie, PhD
EC 2667,
Fax: 305-348-6954

Curriculum Vitae

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Keywords:      bioanalytical electrochemisty, biomarker detection, cellular metabolism, electrode arrays, microfluidics, toxicology, neurochemistry

Research Interests:

Cells under stress exhibit a myriad of responses, many of which cannot be measured using traditional toxicological methods.  My doctoral research, under the advisement of Dr. David Cliffel at Vanderbilt, focused on using electrochemical sensors to perform real-time toxicology by monitoring changes in cellular metabolism in response to external stresses.  First, neuronal cultures were studied to determine the metabolic compensation that occurs during ischemic preconditioning.  Additionally, the mechanisms through which two toxins, cholera toxin (CTx) and staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB), invoke changes in cellular metabolism were determined.

My work at Florida International University builds on my doctoral research, using novel electrochemical sensors for investigations of neuronal disease. One project hoped to use novel microelectrodes developed in our lab for the electrochemical detection of the Alzheimer biomarker amyloid beta (Aβ) to study the biomarker metabolism in-vitro­. Our hope is that understanding the pathways that control Aβ levels will help us understand risk factors of AD as well as provide new therapeutic targets. Additionally, I will develop an electrode array to simultaneously monitor cellular metabolites, neurotransmitters, biomarkers of genotoxicity and neuronal disease to gain valuable insights into the cellular disruption that occurs due to internal and external stress.

Selected Publications

1. Snider RM*, McKenzie JR*, Kraft L, Kozlov E, Wikswo JP, Cliffel DE (2010). The Effects of Cholera Toxin on Cellular Energy Metabolism, Toxins 2010, 2(4), 632-648. (*co-first authors)

2. McKenzie JR, Kleman AM, Brown JE, McLaughlin B, Cliffel DE (Submitted). Extracellular Acidosis is An Essential Mediator of Neuronal Preconditioning. (Submitted to Nature Methods)

3. Zeiger SLH, McKenzie JR, Stankowski JN, Martin JA, Cliffel DE, McLaughlin B (2010). Neuron Specific Metabolic Adaptations Following Multi-Day Exposures to Oxygen Glucose Deprivation, Biochim. Biophys. Acta, Mol. Basis Dis. 2010, 1802, 1095-1104.

4. Hiatt LA, McKenzie JR, Deravi LF, Harry SR, Wright DW, Cliffel DE. A printed Superoxide Dismutase Coated Electrode for the Study of Macrophage Oxidative Burst. (Submitted to Biosensors and Bioelectronics)

5. Lima EA, Snider RM, Reiserer RS, McKenzie JR, Eklund SE, Cliffel DE, Wikswo JP. Multichamber Multipotentiostat System For Cellular Microphysiometry. (In preparation)