Amy Starosciak, PhD

amy-starosciakAmy Starosciak, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Keywords: neurobiology of consciousness, sensation, perception, and behavior

Research Interests

I have always been interested in understanding the neurobiology of consciousness –how the brain makes us who we are in terms of sensations, perceptions, awareness (including self-awareness), attention, arousal, behavior and the like.  In graduate school and in my last postdoctoral position, I tried to understand and this broad area by directing my focus to the field of substance use and abuse.  I examined effects of environmental factors (such as enrichment and stress) on behavioral and neurochemical responses to drugs in rodent models of drug administration and self-administration.  Now in this lab, I hope to make the transition from preclinical to clinical research and really begin to understand what is “going on” in the human brain as it relates to behavior.

List of papers:

Starosciak AK, Kalola RP, Perkins KP, Riley JA, Saidel WM. (2008) Fast and singular electromyograms initiate the startle response of Pantodon buchholzi (Osteoglossomorpha). Brain, Behavior and Evolution 71(2):100-114.

Grunberg NE, Starosciak AK (2010) Nicotine.  In Koob G, Thompson R, and LeMoal M (Eds.) Encyclopedia of Behavioral Neuroscience.  Oxford: Elsevier. pp. 464-470.

Grunberg NE, Berger SS, Starosciak AK (2011) Tobacco Use:  Psychology, neurobiology, and clinical implications.  In Baum A, Revenson T, and Singer JE (Eds.) Handbook of Health Psychology (2nd Edition). Psychology Press.

Starosciak AK, Grunberg NE (under review) Alcohol buffers stress-induced depression in male rats.  Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology

Lenoir M, Starosciak AK, Ledon J, Booth C, Zakharova E, Wade D, Vignoli B, Izenwasser S (under review) Sex differences in conditioned nicotine reward are age-specific.  Behavioural Pharmacology