Wei-Chiang Lin

Wei-Chiang Lin, Ph.D.

Miami Children’s Hospital Associate Professor of

Associate Professor
Email: Wclin@fiu.edu 
Office: EC 2673
Phone: (305) 348-6112
Fax: (305) 348-6954

Biomedical Optics and Optical Spectroscopy

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

Dr. Lin’s research involves developing non-destructive optical and mechanical technologies that can detect disease development and tissue injuries in vivo.  These techniques can be either one-dimensional (i.e., point detection) or multi-dimensional (i.e., imaging).  The potential medical applications for such techniques, once developed, are abundant.  For example, they may be used intraoperatively to guide tumor resection and to monitor the progression of a novel therapy.

Research related to neuroscience and neuroengineering

Dr. Lin’s research team at Miami Children’s Hospital is interested in developing new approaches to diagnose and treat pediatric epilepsy and brain tumor.  Currently, their research efforts focus on addressing the intraoperative needs of pediatric brain tumor and epilepsy surgery.  For example, the team has developing an effective surgical guidance system that can differentiate abnormal (i.e., neoplastic and epileptic) brain area from the normal one in vivo based on their intrinsic properties.


(a) A point detection system for intraoperative demarcation of pediatric neoplastic and epileptic brain. (b) A prototype imaging system for in vivo characterization of pediatric epileptic cortex.


Cortical vascularture study using optical imaging modalities.  The vassel network is highlighted in the black/white picture.

Research related to cardiovascular diseases

Precise, timely delivery of adequate treatment for myocardial infarction (MI) is essential for both traditional treatments and developing therapeutic concepts such as cellular cardiomyogenesis.  While many pathological and physiological alterations in the left ventricle (LV) myocardium have been identified post-infarction, on-site acquisition of this information remains unavailable in in vivo and intraoperative situations.

The long-term goal of this research project is to develop an effective technique, based on optical spectroscopy and fiber optics, in order to detect the pathophysiological changes in myocardium resulting from infarction in vivo.  Once developed, this technique will be used in conjunction with cardiac catheterization to allow physicians (1) to identify viable myocardium within and around infarcts; (2) to gain specific knowledge regarding an infarct’s age and size; and (3) to assess microvascular damage surrounding infarcts.

Current Research Projects:

  • Optical characterization of neoplastic and epileptogenic brain in pediatric patients
  • In vivo differentiation of normal, stunned, hibernating, and scarred myocardium using optical spectroscopy
  • Dynamics of tissue optical and mechanical properties
  • Tissue viability assessment using optical spectroscopy

Selected Publications:

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