Advising is one of the most important services provided by our department. Departmental advisors offer guidance about Biomedical Engineering. This includes academic planning, degree requirements, course descriptions, course prerequisites, and elective selections. Advisors also help with administrative procedures such as registration, change of major, course equivalences and graduation.

  • Advising orientation sessions are held once each semester before the start of the registration period. Attendance is strongly recommended for all students. Advising orientation dates are posted on the advising website and on the Department’s home page.
  • Transfer students must attend the transfer orientation at the time they become FIU students. Transfer students must meet with an advisor for academic planning and course equivalencies.
  • Declaration of major is encouraged as soon as possible for students to receive proper advising. To change your major to Biomdeical Engineering please fill up the Change of Major form (see Forms link) and bring it to the BME Advising Office.
  • Advising Holds are placed on students files before the registration period starts this ensure communication between students and the advisor during class registration. The advising hold will be released once you have seen your advisor or have sent your Electronic Registration online and your advisor has approved it.
  • Registration Procedure can be done directly using PantherSoft once your Advising Hold has been removed. For more information on the registration procedure please check the “Registration Procedure” link below.
  • Advising appointments are available in 10-minute segments. You can make an appointment using the link posted below. Appointments should be made 24 hours in advance. During the Registration Period, the Associate Advisor offers open door advising. However, it is strongly recommended that you make an appointment in order to avoid long lines. The Associate advisor office hours are posted on the Advising Center door.

Biomedical Engineering Advising Center

Lynneah Brown
Professional Advisor
EC 2760
(305) 348-7945
(305) 348-0127 Fax

You can make an appointment by going to the College of Engineering and Computing Advising Appointment Scheduling System.