Romila Manchanda

 manchanda Romila Manchanda, PhD
Assistant Research Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Drug Delivery, Bio-nanotechnology

My research interests involve a multidisciplinary approach for the development of new polymeric delivery systems.

The specific research interests include

1)    Design, fabrication and characterization of new biodegradable polymeric delivery systems that can treat various cancers.

2)    Development of controlled delivery systems that can be thermally or enzymatically triggered to increase drug payload.

3)    Targeting of drug delivery systems for enhanced therapeutic action.

4)    Studying the molecular mechanisms of delivery systems and their interactions with biological systems.

The development of drug carrier systems that can ultimately make a difference in patient prognosis and quality of life is the end goal of any research endeavor. The foundation to achieve a successful translation from the lab to the clinic must start from a thorough understanding of how delivery systems can be tailored to specific applications, targeted, and optimized to maximize their action on living systems. Our research provides insight into these fundamental parameters that serve as the platform for translational applications.