1st place oral presentation: “Residual Limb Circumference Measurement Device” Drew Collins, Elena Atienza, Kevin Estevez, and Cristianne Fernandez

On Friday, April 20th, undergraduate seniors from the College of Engineering and Computing participated in the college’s first annual Senior Design Project Showcase. Over 500 graduating seniors showcased their research to faculty, friends, and family. The senior design projects are a reflection of the students’ efforts and serves as their capstone undergraduate experience. This event symbolizes the culmination of a yearlong process in which the students planned, designed, and implemented ideas learned in the classroom to create new instruments to be used in the field of biomedical engineering. Students have brought recognition and awareness to the department, as well as the current issues at hand.

“Senior Design 2018 Expo and Competition was by all measures, a smashing success,” says Senior Design Professor, Dr. Michael Christie. “Fifteen teams presented their projects to the public and in front of a panel of judges from the medical device industry that included a vice president of research and development, a vice president of quality systems, a design engineer, a systems engineer and a professor of Biomedical engineering from a Florida based engineering school, all of which shared that they was impressed by the preparation, training, depth of knowledge, and performance of our students.”

Our department set a record in the area of project sponsorship funding, a total of $26,000, for an average of a little over $1,700 per project.  We continue to see increases in the number of new sponsors, continuation projects, and the number of students who receive job offers that are related to their senior design projects.


2nd place oral presentation: “Vein Preservation System” Mortis Luik, Emily Perez, Alejandro Verdecia, Karina Sequera, and Brian Pintado

A total of 15 teams in the Department of Biomedical Engineering, all of which were sponsored by a clinical organization in Florida, showcased their talents by each presenting their own original projects. Aside from the poster project showcase, BME opted to continue the end-of-semester tradition of oral presentations to showcase a more in-depth presentation of their research. We would like to congratulate Team 7 (Drew Collins, Elena Atienza, Kevin Estevez, and Cristianne Fernandez) for winning 1st place in the oral presentation. Their presentation, “Residual Limb Circumference Measurement Device”, was sponsored by Garrison’s Prosthetics, and the team was mentored by BME Chair, Dr. Ranu Jung. Second place for oral presentations was awarded to Team 9 (Mortis Luik, Emily Perez, Alejandro Verdecia, Karina Sequera, and Brian Pintado) for their presentation titled “Vein Preservation System”. The team was sponsored by Somahlution Inc., and mentored by Associate Professor Dr. Jessica Ramella-Roman.

1st place poster presentation: “Nanovibrational Bioreactor” Patrick Henry, Gulsah Aydemir, Kristoffer Dessruiseaux, Rut Farall, and Alessandra Proietti

Additionally, the department awarded students for outstanding poster presentations. Congratulations to Team 3 (Patrick Henry, Gulsah Aydemir, Kristoffer Dessruiseaux, Rut Farall, and Alessandra Proietti) on their presentation titled “Nanovibrational Bioreactor” for winning first prize, and Team 10 (Michaela Mills, Rafael Arcila, Valentina Dargam, and Christopher Estrella) on their presentation titled “Leg Asymmetry Prosthetic Device” for winning second prize.

2nd place poster presentation: “Leg Asymmetry Prosthetic Device” Valentina Dargam (Not pictured: Michaela Mills, Rafael Arcila, and Christopher Estrella)

Congratulations to our seniors on all their hard work!

List of sponsors: Zimmer Biomed Dental, Syntheon LLC, Cardiovascular Matrix Remodeling Lab, PAVmed Inc., Medical Photonics Lab, Innovia LLC, Garrison’s Prosthetics, TEMIM Lab, Somahlution Inc., Dr. Laura McPherson and Anil Thota, Max Biedermann Institute of Biomechanics at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, WB Engineering, StemCell Miami, DDE Lab Inc.

Senior Design Abstracts Booklet