Siobhan Lowe, PhD

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching interests:

Data Evaluation Principles: This class is effective in teaching the methods of statistical analysis and its significance in both industrial and academic environments. Statistical methods play a critical part in the engineering development of products, ranging from early research and development to full scale manufacture, and I utilize these skills daily for effective planning of new product development in addition to monitoring products that are already in production.  Design of experiments has played an important role in the development of new devices and comparison with predicate devices, so the statistical methods provide a proven method of effectively evaluating novel products with market standards.  Once the product has been transferred to production, aspects of process control and lean manufacturing play an important role in ensuring a product with superior quality is being manufactured while efficiency is conserved.

Other teaching interests: Hemodynamics and Biomaterials, both of which play an important part in the development of medical devices.  For instance, these two topics were critical to my research, which involved the development of a Polymer Trileaflet Heart Valve.

Industrial/Research Interests:

  1. Design of Class I, II, and III Medical Devices, including mechanical design, material development, manufacturing feasibility, material interaction, durability analysis, fatigue analysis, and failure mode prediction
  2. Cardiovascular engineering and cardiovascular devices
  3. Medical simulation: developing medical simulators  for the training of surgical techniques, ultrasound evaluation, and other clinical training