Student Organizations

Go beyond the classroom and enrich your time at FIU by joining one of the many student organizations offered.

Below you will find a list of professional student organizations that offer the opportunity to develop networking, leadership, and lifelong friendships.

AEMB FIU Honor Society

AEMB is a biomedical engineering honor society founded by Dr. Daniel Reneau of Louisiana Tech University in 1979. Membership in AEMB is offered to the top fifth of juniors and top third of seniors in biomedical engineering, who have completed at least six semester credit hours (or the equivalent) of biomedical engineering courses.

BMES FIU Student Society

The Biomedical Engineering Society has a particularly difficult and important job of helping to educate its members with respect to what Biomedical Engineering is, as well as the role and responsibilities that these future engineers will have on their profession and society in general.

Additional Societies for Engineers