Professor Anthony McGoron and his staff of eight summer interns are hard at work in the biomedical engineering labs researching image guided therapy for cancer treatments. For the past three summers, McGoron has opened his lab to local high school students and international visiting scholars seeking to gain experience in BME labs. This year’s group of interns is spending its time investigating biodegradable microspheres and microparticles. The microparticles are injected into a person’s artery that leads directly to the tumor, thus treating the tumor from the inside. There are three different techniques for making these particles and researchers are identifying the optimal conditions for making the particles needed for this application. McGoron noted the impacts of the research opportunity for the students, “The summer research program is a tremendous opportunity for our local high school students to conduct real scientific research that has clinical applications.” Not only are these students getting a jump-start on their research careers, they are contributing to scientific studies that could lead to groundbreaking technology.

Summer Research Interns:

Peri Smith- M.A.S.T. Academy at Homestead
Neha Narang- University School
Milton Logo- M.A.S.T. Academy
Srishti Chopra- Cypress Bay High School
Joaquin Morales- M.A.S.T. Academy at Homestead
Alejandro Perez- TERRA
Harrison Riggott- University School
Leandro Vitor Coelho- Fumec Universidade, Belo Horizonte Brazil
Cacia Monteiro- FIU BME Undergrad