Spring 2011 Biomedical Engineering Technology Expo and Competition

  • Friday, April 22, 2011
  • 8:00 am – 5:30pm
  • FIU Engineering Center, EC 2300
Welcome by Dr Ranu Jung, BME Chair8:45am
Introduction and Orientation by Dr Anthony McGoron, BME Undergraduate Program Director8:50am
Team 4: Optical Brain-Imaging Cap for Children

Ana Pena, Rodrigo Ferreira, David Llana and Karen De la Pena

Advisor and Sponsor: Anuradha Godavarty, BME FIU.

Team 7: 3D Optical Tracking System.

Rigoberto Roche, Sheydin Ng, Amelia Lee, Pedro Montes

Advisor and Sponsor: Anuradha Godavarty, BME, FIU

Team 8: EKG Data Logging System

Kanwal Raja, Sophia Perez, Monique Williams, Paul Mozo

Advisor and Sponsor: James Byrne, BME FIU.

Team 1: Apparatus for the study of scaffold-assembled valve dynamics

Xavier Ryans, Ailyn Rivero, Cynthia Crespo

Advisor and Sponsor: Sharan Ramaswamy, BME FIU

Team 2: Label Free Immunosensor

David de la Calle, Christian Garcia, Khadija Kathiria, Kevin Li

Advisor: Chenzhong Li, BME FIU. Sponsor: Nezih Pala ECE, FIU)

Lunch (provided to judges)11:30am
Team 3: Vi-Cell XR: Cell Viability Analyzer Optimization

Jerry Centeno, Laura Fajardo, and Janny Garcia

Advisor: Wei-Chiang Lin, BME, FIU. Sponsor: Glenn Talbot, Beckman Coulter Inc

Team 5: Digital Lamina Spreader

Shamiyaaz Jauhari, Christina Elder, Juan Villoldo, and William Marchant

Advisor: James Byrne, BME, FIU. Sponsor: Scott Nortman, Mako Surgical Corp

Team 6: A bioreactor for the mechanical conditioning of engineered heart valve tissue

Angela Henao, Ahad Bhimla, Cesar Quintana, Rafay Khan

Advisor and Sponsor: Sharan Ramaswamy, BME, FIU

Team 9: Lateral Epicondylitis Pain Assessment Device

Annie Nunez, Natasha Plata, Taufiqa Reza, Manuela Roman

Advisor: Michael Brown. Sponsor: Gary M. Kiebzak, Clinical Research Administrator UHZ Sports Medicine

Judges Deliberations2:00pm
Senior Design Award Ceremony2:30pm
Reception and Undergraduate Research Poster Presentations3:00pm
Undergraduate Research Poster Award Ceremony4:00pm

Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Research Expo


All BME Undergraduate students are invited to present their research experience at the BME Undergraduate Research Expo on April 22, 2011. All posters MUST be approved by the student’s faculty mentor before submission for printing. Approval must be transmitted by email to Dr McGoron, Undergraduate Program Director. Posters from research conducted during off-campus internships are also welcome.

  • Poster size must be 24” x 36”, oriented horizontally
  • The presentation title should be at least two inches high.  Beneath the title, the name(s) of the student (s), and faculty advisor(s) must be printed.
  • Posters should include the abstract, introduction to the general topic and the reason the work was done, followed by an explanation of the methods, presentation of results and a clear conclusion of the contribution of the work to the discipline it falls under. Make it easy to follow the flow of information on the poster by providing titles on each graph, table or picture.
  • Label each section clearly, in letters large enough to read from 5 to 10 feet away. General text on the poster should be readable from a minimum of 5 feet away as well.
  • Be sure to include necessary bibliographical references and/or acknowledgements of research assistance received during the project.
  • You may use charts, graphs, maps, photographs, illustrations and pictures.
  • Please do not use a solid color background on your poster.
  • For additional tips on creating a poster using PowerPoint refer to the attached pdf.

The Engineering Information Center (EIC) will print your poster for the student discounted price of $30-$54 (depending on if you want it laminated and mounted on foam-board). The slide must be submitted in the correct form and on time (allow at least three days because of the volume at the time of the semester). We will not reprint to correct color variation due to file format/printer compatibility or bad resolution in the original file.

  • Presenter must be available to discuss his/her display from 3:00-4:00
  • Posters will remain up from 8:30AM to 4:30PM. Any posters left up after the deadline for removal will be taken down and will be discarded. If you cannot collect your poster please make arrangements to have someone else do so.
  • Posters will be judged for best presentation