Poster Award at the National Annual Vascular Biology Conference

The North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) recognized the poster presentation of CURE Researcher at the Vascular Physiology and Biotransport Lab student, Allison Martinez, as one of the most outstanding ones during the Annual Vascular Biology Conference. 

I felt like it was not only for me but also for my lab. At that moment, I realized that hard work really pays off and that I am eager to continue developing my career towards research,said Allison Martinez after receiving the award.  

Allison was motivated by her mentors Professor Dr.Tsoukias and Dr.Moshkforoush, to submit for the conference her research abstract Pericytes as Sinks or Sources of Electrical Signaling in Capillary Networks: A Computational Study.” Not only she was selected to present the poster, but also to give a talk for the “Pericyte Signaling in Health and Disease” session. 

When I got the invite to present my work as a short talk, I felt a little overwhelmed. Presenting next to faculty and professionals in the field felt both like honor and challenge. However, Dr.Tsoukias and Dr.Moshkforoush helped me so much during the process of preparing for the presentation. They were both so patient and thoughtful about the whole situation that they made me feel confident about it. I truly admire how they both learn from their students and motivate them to aspire to big things. expressed Allison Martinez. 

Allison demonstrated her ability, compromise, and hard work during the talk session, frequently given by faculty members or graduate students. 

Pericyte Signaling

My biggest concern was the Q&A session. I remember thinking that there were going to be so many professionals in the area and that I would not answer any of their questions. To my surprise, I was able to answer most of them, and I was not scared to say, “I don’t know.” I learned that it is okay not to know everything. Research is about learning something new every day and redefining your limits. Most importantly, I have learned how to develop confidence with a good dose of humbleness, and that is one of the things I value the most. In moments like this, I reassure myself that I made the right decision to pursue a research career in Biomedical Engineering.

As an international student from Honduras passionate about biomedical engineering, Allison has been growing every day of her career. According to Allison, the CURE program’s participation has given her multiple resources to develop academically and professionally. Being part of the Vascular Physiology and Biotransport Lab has also represented a significant role in her research path.

I have learned so much from each person in the lab, and I thank them all for being there for me and celebrating my achievements. All the feedback that you give me contributes to shaping me as a researcher and as a person. I am beyond grateful for all of you.

Allison Martinez Oral Presentation