027On February 19th, 2016, the department of Biomedical Engineering at FIU hosted the 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Day as part of the Wallace H. Coulter Biomedical Engineering Distinguished Lecture Series. The event featured the research of several of BME@FIU’s outstanding undergraduate students and also included a lecture from David Vorp, Professor and Associate Dean of Research at the University of Pittsburgh.

The undergraduate student poster presentation highlighted several outstanding research projects. Jiali Lei won first prize for her presentation on “Lower Extremity Wound Imaging Using a Hand-held Near-infrared Optical Scanner.” This marks the second consecutive year that Jiali takes home first prize in the event. Second place was won by Diego Aguilar for his presentation on “Design and Development of a Vibrotactile Sensory Feedback System for Upper Limb Prostheses.”

The seminar and reception provided the students and faculty the opportunity to meet with and learn from David Vorp, who is an expert in the field of vascular bioengineering. Vorp spoke on his research on the development of engineered vascular grafts and diagnosis and repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). His lab has developed computational tools to evaluate the severity of individual AAA and is currently exploring the use of MSCs as a potential treatment.

BME@FIU’s interim chair, Wei-Chiang Lin, was impressed with the quality of research being performed by our undergraduate students. “Our students are doing a fantastic job. It is always exciting to see their work and have the opportunity to see their progress first-hand.”

For pictures of the event please visit our Facebook page at https://facebook.com/fiubiomed