Thirst for Science

‚ÄčThirst for Science is a monthly event held in popular South Miami locations where scientists explain their research in an accessible way to a general audience. Each event features a different scientist who will walk the group through their work, field questions from the audience, and relax with the attendees. All events are open to the public, so please stop by and enjoy!

Events are typically hosted on the 3rd Thursday of each month. Information about upcoming and past events will be updated on this site. Find us on Facebook at ThirstForScience and on Twitter @thirst_science. For additional questions please feel free to reach out to your hosts:

Dr. Joshua Hutcheson:

Past Events

Dr. Oleksii Shandra: sleep your way to the top (of brain health)

Dr. Sharan Ramaswamy: count dracula, are blood flow patterns trying to tell us something?

Dr. James Schummers: how does your brain see the world?

Drs. Hutcheson, Danziger, and Lin: biomedical engineering in the movies

Dr. Ranu Jung: how can a chicken run around with its head cut off?

Drs. Hutcheson, Danziger, and Saytashev: the future of biomedical engineering

Dr. Riera: dogmas and facts lying beneath the three most devastating neurological conditions: epilepsy, alzheimers and migraines

Dr. Ramella-Roman: from lightsabers to two photon microscopy: present and future of light in medicine

Dr. Danziger: breaking the seal and controlling the bladder

Dr. Hutcheson: how hard does the heart pump blood?


Dr. Remy Dou: you’re a “science person,” but it’s not your fault

Dr. Andrea Raymond: cells talk with bubbles, and viruses are hitchhiking