Research Grant Awards


Jan 2011 : Caterina Pette awarded Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Jan 2011: James Byrne awarded Tech Fee Grant for purchase of a college wide license for technical computing software


Oct 2010: Anthony McGoron awarded a 3-year grant from the National Science Foundation. $90,000

“Collaborative Development and Application of Distributable, Internet Accessible, Interactive Medical Imaging Teaching Software and Dynamic Tracking System”

The goal of this grant is to develop web-based educations software for teaching medical imaging. My role is developing and evaluating modules for Nuclear Medicine imaging.

Sept 2010: Dr. Jolie Simpson, Dr. McGoron, Dr. Li awarded  2-year grant from Department of Defense for  $1,400,000.

“Mass Scale Biosensor Threat Diagnostic for In-Theater Defense Utilization”

The goal of this multidisciplinary grant is to develop and validate sensor technology to detect the biological response to biological or chemical toxins to predict their effect on military personnel in the field. My role is PI for developing optical SERS based sensors.