About CURE

The Coulter Undergraduate Research Excellence Program (CURE) was developed to pair undergraduate students with a faculty mentor in order to cultivate and strive for research success.

Being a part of the CURE program ensures that throughout their undergraduate experience, students participate actively to develop research in preparation for life after graduation. Whether the student chooses to make research a part of their career plans, the program will help sharpen and hone the critical thinking and communication skill set that is invaluable to any professional goal.

Program Overview

The program is a three level process for learning research skills and working side-by-side with faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and research scientists in the laboratory setting.


Entry-level undergraduate student with no previous research experience. Two semesters of shadowing, training, attending research meetings, and familiarizing themselves with the laboratory setting.


Mid-level undergraduate student who has completed the yearlong trainee phase or has previous experience volunteering in a research laboratory setting that is equivalent to trainee level work. The researcher will complete two semesters of directly assisting in the research lab, analyzing data, and maintaining lab records under the supervision of lab mentors. During the researcher phase, students will be paid a stipend of $150 a week for working at least 15 hours per week.


Top-level undergraduate student who has completed the researcher phase of the CURE program. As a fellow, the student will conduct independent research and work closely with mentors on completing their own research studies. The fellow will complete two semesters of work in the laboratory. During the fellow phase, students will be paid $180 a week for working at least 15 hours per week.

Application Requirements

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“The Coulter Undergraduate Research Excellence Program (CURE) has been an immensely rewarding experience for me as an undergraduate. It has enabled me to pursue research with faculty members that I am honored to work with and given me invaluable experiences that have shaped me professionally and personally. I feel as though this is a great program for students interested in research and provides a powerful networking opportunity with BME faculty.” – Baarbod Ashenagar, Researcher

“Conducting research in the CURE program has been a great opportunity for me to understand concepts taught in the classroom, and applying them to topics still currently being explored. During the past year, I was able to not only perform my own research, by conducting experiments and data processing, but I was able to seek a deeper understanding of previous knowledge. There were also times when I had to seek help from others and work as a team, which I quickly learned was a big part of research. The CURE program was a significant component of my undergraduate experience at FIU that helped me develop skills I will be able to apply in graduate school.” – Priscilla Lozano, Trainee

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For more information about the program, contact Dr. Joshua Hutcheson at 305.348.0157 or at jhutches@fiu.edu.