Welcome to the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Florida International University

Dr. Ranu Jung

Dr. Ranu Jung

Welcome to Florida International University’s Department of Biomedical Engineering.  As our department nears its tenth anniversary, I am proud to lead this department into a new era of innovation.  Since top-quality health care is still out of reach for many, I believe it is time to train the next generation

Just past a decade since inception, the Department of Biomedical Engineering at FIU is flourishing. I am proud to lead a dedicated faculty and highly engaged student body.  Since top-quality health care is still out of reach for many, I believe it is time to train the next generation of leaders and innovators to make new discoveries, design, develop and deliver new solutions, and shape the technological and economic landscapes of tomorrow.

The interdisciplinary nature of biomedical engineering (BME) affords the discipline a tremendous opportunity to bring forth advances in technological development and new discoveries in life sciences to foster improved quality of life for all individuals. The US Bureau of Labor & Statistics projects a 7% growth in Biomedical Engineers from 2016 to 2026 with tremendous impact of Biomedical Engineering in all the sectors they track.

Florida International University is classified by Carnegie as a “R1: Doctoral Universities – Highest Research Activity” and recognized as a Carnegie Community Engaged university. A multicultural hub, it is first in the nation in awarding bachelors and master’s degrees to Hispanic students.  Thriving in this ecosystem, through our focus on student engagement and commitment to research excellence, our department is driven to prepare the next generation of biomedical engineers and thought leaders who seek solutions that improve humanity.

The goal of FIU’s Biomedical Engineering department is to maximize its impact on society by identifying key areas of research excellence, developing educational excellence through a new model for BME education and by community engagement by leveraging its location through community and global activities. Our department has focused in three primary areas:  engineered tissue model systems, diagnostic imaging and sensor systems and therapeutic/reparative neurotechnology.  Our headquarters is in South Florida, a distinct melting-pot of Latin-American multiculturalism that provides numerous opportunities for diverse networking, clinical and industrial partnerships.  Research and entrepreneurship permeates our academic curriculum and is one of our keys to success.

I welcome you to meet our students and faculty and join us in our joyful journey of excellence.


Ranu Jung, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Wallace H. Coulter Eminent Scholars Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Florida International University