Biomedical Engineering (BME) is an ever-evolving field that uses and applies engineering principles to the study of biology and medicine in order to improve health care. FIU’s Department of Biomedical Engineering is a prime resource for biomedical engineering education, training, research, and technology development.

Our department is nationally recognized for servicing the needs of the clinical medicine and biomedical industries – and is ranked among the top 50 schools providing the best value to students. Our department is ranked #1 in degrees awarded to Hispanic students, #3 in degrees awarded to African-American students, and #23 in degrees awarded (ASEE).


Graduate Degrees

Our graduates prepare for academic, clinical, or industrial research and development in: Basic Research in Engineered Tissue Model Systems, Diagnostic Bioimaging and Sensor Systems, or Therapeutic and Reparative Neurotechnology.

Undergraduate Degrees

Our undergraduates engage in the rich South Florida culture who advance study in engineering, medicine, or other sciences and develop the professional practice as is expected of a biomedical engineer in industry.