With more than 6,000 attendees, 100 guest speakers and dozens of events including a fashion show, eMerge Americas Techweek has brought both industry and tech people together in South Florida to explore the possibilities of what most believe is the next developing tech community.

With a very Miami feel, the “Art Basel” like showcase inside the Miami Beach Convention Center highlighted different companies, universities and startups. FIU had one of the largest exhibits displaying the college of business, engineering, arts and sciences and our very own Adaptive Neural Systems (ANS) Lab.

Creating a lot of interest throughout the exhibit, the ANS Lab displayed a neural-enabled prosthetic hand, which uses wireless technology to stimulate nerves so the user can feel sensation. Pictures of the prosthetic hand were highlighted in both the Miami-Herald and Sun-Sentinel newspapers.


Biomedical engineering graduate student, Andres Pena, describing the mechanics of the prosthetic hand to FIU President Mark Rosenberg.

“The exhibit was an excellent opportunity for FIU to showcase its amazing research projects. The booths and displays were by far the best ones in the conference,” said Andres Pena, a graduate student in biomedical engineering. Pena assisted during the conference with the display and technology of the prosthetic hand. “As a student, I experienced a brand new perspective of innovation. For the first time since I joined this lab, I had the opportunity to personally showcase to the world what this project was all about.”