On Wednesday, March 13, FIU held the annual Inventors Day Reception, which is an event that recognizes inventors all throughout the university and their awarded patents. Among those recognized were the BME department’s own faculty and student researchers.

Awarded faculty included Dr. Joshua Hutcheson, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director, for the patent “Targeting Epidermal Growth Factor to Treat Vascular Calcification.” Dr. Hutcheson was also awarded alongside student researcher Valentina Dargam for two more patents, “Methods and Devices for Processing Heart Sounds” and “Systems and Methods for Quantifying Duration of Heart Sounds.”

Dr. Anuradha Godavarty, Associate Professor, was awarded for two patents, “Cellphone based tissue oxygenation measuring device” and “Handheld devices for wound assessment using multi-modal imaging.” Dr. Anthony McGoron, Professor, was also awarded for the patent “Devices and methods for analysis of biological matter using plasmon resonance.” Lastly, Dr. Sharan Ramaswamy, Associate Professor, and student researcher Manuel Perez were awarded for the patent “Systems and Methods for Producing Injectable Enhanced Stem Cell Exosomes, Improved Exosomes, and Methods of Use.”