Dr. Jung appointed full membership to Sigma Xi

Ranu Jung Ph.D., Professor and Chair of the BME Department, was anonymously nominated to be part of the recognized scientific community, Sigma Xi. Dr. Jung was appointed with full membership and had an induction ceremony through an online meeting where she pledged to encourage original investigations in science, foster companionship and cooperation among scientists, and to maintain honor integrity and honesty in all scientific activities, as part of the society.

Dr. Ranu Jung, member of Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society

Sigma Xi was founded in 1886 at Cornell University by a group of engineering students and was designed to reward excellence in scientific research and to encourage a sense of companionship and cooperation among scientists in all fields. The society is an internationalmultidisciplinary community of science and engineering professionals dedicated to research excellence, to promoting public engagement with science, and to fostering the next generation of researchers. Through the recognition and honor of induction, Sigma Xi members join a distinguished community of researchers.

What does it mean to you to be a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society?  

It is an honor to be a member of a global research society founded in the 19thcentury, whose motto is “Spoudon Xynones”, “Companions in Zealous Research.” The motto recognizes the value of collaboration and the fierce dedication to the pursuit of knowledge by its member scientists and engineers – whether they be Nobel Prize Laureates or budding undergraduates. I fully subscribe to the motto.

As Chair of the BME Department, how do you think that being a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society will positively impact our faculty and community?

Membership in Sigma Xi will allow me to make new connections with a broader group of scientists and engineers. I hope to have the opportunity to invite them to meet our students and faculty through lectureships. As a member, I can also support applications to society for small research grants by graduate and undergraduate students.

What are your goals as a member of the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Honor Society?

I will seek opportunities to share research to “Engineer Human Health” by offering lectures to a broader community and seek opportunities for greater civic-engagement through Sigma-Xi policy forums.