Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) faculty Dr. Anuradha Godavarty has been elected to join the Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE) Senior Members of 2023. Dr. Godavarty is an Associate Professor for the BME department, and her work and research interests are in near-infrared optical imaging technologies.   

SPIE Senior Members are researchers that are admired for their professional work, active involvement with the optics community and SPIE, and impressive accomplishments that set them apart from their peers. “It is an honor to be elected as the SPIE senior member,” says Dr. Godavarty of her election to the prestigious international society for optics and photonics.  She is among this year’s list of 89 academia, industry, and government professionals elected for their expertise in the field of optics and related research, and the contributions made to the field of optics within an outside university and at the national level. 

Currently, Dr. Godavarty and her group of researchers from her laboratory are developing near infrared-based optical imaging technologies for various clinical applications such as wound monitoring, especially around diabetic foot ulcers, and peripheral vascular imaging related to cardiovascular diseases.