rieraJanuary 7, 2016- Department of Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor, Jorge Riera-Diaz, was granted a U.S. patent for the development of an electroencephalogram electrode unit for small animals and measurement system. The device, known as “The Riera High-Density Non-Invasive EEG Mini-Cap,” is capable of performing electroencephalogram measurement, fMRI, and other forms of measurement simultaneously. Unlike other devices, this new technology provides researchers for the first time the needed flexibility for studying brain functions in small animals. The measurement system allows researchers to detect as many EEG signals as possible from the limited brain surface space of small animals.

In addition to its application for general neuroscience research, the electrode unit also has the ability to be used to measure the impacts of certain drugs and their impact on brain function. The patent states that the device can be used as an “innovative drug evaluation system not only in basic research field of brain neuroscience but also in the pharmaceutical industry.” With a wide variety of potential applications, Dr. Riera’s device has the potential to make significant change in the way neuroscience research is conducted.

Riera’s technology is available for sale through Cortech Solutions, a company that sells research tools for advanced brain research to neuroscientists.