Jung with Encyclopedia
The first edition of the Encyclopedia of Computational Neuroscience was published in March 2015 by Springer. Professor Ranu Jung co-edited this four volume work with Professor Dieter Jaeger from Emory University. This major reference work also includes entries by Dr. Brian K. Hillen postdoctoral fellow in the Adaptive Neural Systems Laboratory and Drs. Mohamed Abdelghani and Sharmila Venugopal both of whom were previously postdoctoral fellows in Professor Jung’s laboratory.  A three-year undertaking, it is a comprehensive overview of the computational neuroscience field, relevant for both researchers and students. The hardcopy 3180 page work includes 1109 illustrations, 769 in color, and contains nearly 1,000 entries in 50 subject areas. The electronic version is a Live Reference that is constantly updated. It is cross-linked with the Encyclopedia of Neuroscience, the Encyclopedia of Machine Learning, and other major reference works.