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Division of Research:

Research administration at Florida International University is managed by the Division of Research. The primary commitment of the Division of Research is to support the University’s research mission and lead the University’s efforts in research development.

Researcher’s Toolbox

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Research Compliance
  • Research Development
  • Proposal Preparation
  • Award Management
  • Technology Management & Commercialization
  • Research Operations & Partnerships
  • Unit of Budget & Cost Analysis
  • Research Information Systems
  • Training and International Research Initiatives
  • Other Resources

Tenure & Promotion:

Tenure/promotion is a shared collegial process of accomplishment, evaluation, and recognition.  The tenure decision is one of the most important decisions in which a professional in higher education may be involved, for it is a shared undertaking that establishes an individual’s sense of his or her own professionalism and the university community’s recognition of it. Tenure guarantees annual reappointment for the academic year until voluntary resignation, retirement, removal for just cause (incompetence or misconduct) or layoff.

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Florida International University is one of 11 public universities in the State of Florida. Our employees are offered a comprehensive benefit program that is supervised by the Division of State Group Insurance (DSGI) and administered by People First. Included in the benefit program are insurance plans that cover health, life, accidental death/dismemberment, supplemental hospital income, cancer, intensive care, dental, vision, accident, disability, and flexible spending reimbursement accounts.

Employee benefits:

Faculty Development:

Spanish Language Faculty Development Program – Teaching Spanish for Business: A Global Approach is designed for Spanish college and university faculty, Spanish high school teachers and advanced graduate students.

Immerse yourself in a week long seminar in Avila and Madrid, Spain where you will be introduced to business terminology and methodology of teaching Spanish for Business. During the seminar, participants will meet with European experts and have the opportunity to attend company visits.

Center for the Advancement of Teaching – The Center for the Advancement of Teaching seeks to recognize and cultivate learner-centered teaching throughout the university. It provides support to faculty as they strive to balance cutting-edge research with thoughtful teaching.