Ranu Jung, Ph.D. Receives Honorary Doctorate from  Aalborg University, Denmark.

Congratulations to Ranu Jung, professor, and chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, and Wallace H. Coulter Eminent Scholar Chair in Biomedical Engineering, for being awarded an honorary doctorate from Aalborg University in Denmark (AAU).

Jung brings new and groundbreaking knowledge within neurorehabilitation to AAU’s Department of Health Science and Research. She is also an important partner at AAU’s Department of Medicine and Health Technology, for the department’s Neural Engineering and Neurophysiology research group. With her research on neural engineering, computational neuroscience, and sensorimotor integration, Jung brings new and groundbreaking knowledge to the department.

Jung’s work focuses on advancing research in the field of neurotechnology specifically through the development of technologies for people with a sensory or motor impairment. Over the years, Jung has established herself as a leader in engineering and neuroscience and develops solutions that focus on both functional and therapeutic rehabilitation, with clear clinical applications.

Honorary doctorates at AAU are awarded each year to highly regarded researchers who have made a significant impact on the research environment at AAU through international research collaboration. Every year, AAU selects an international researcher in each of the university’s main areas to recognize with the highest academic distinction: Doctor Technices Honoris Causa.