Biomedical Engineering Senior Design Showcase

Senior Design Showcase & Capstone Project Competition

The Senior Design Showcase & Competition is the culminating experience for undergraduate seniors in Biomedical Engineering. Teams of senior students complete and present their capstone project in which they design and prototype a product, device, process, or software system solution designed to address unmet biomedical needs.

SUMMER 2023 COMPETITION – Thursday, July 27th, 2023.

Room EC 2300
7:30am – Breakfast
8:15-8:30am – Introduction & Orientation – Dr. Michael Christie
Welcome Remarks – Dr. Jorge Riera
Instructions to Judges – Dr. Christie
8:30-9:15am – Poster Presentations: Team S1, Team S2, Team S3, and Team S4
9:15am – Team S1 – Intraocular Phototherapeutic Implant
9:30am – Team S2 – Continuous EEG (cEEG) Cap for Critically Ill-Epileptic Patients: NeuroTrack
9:45am – Team S3 – Deinde Head Stabilizer
10:00am – Team S4 – Photonic Analysis for Transcutaneous & Continuous Hemoglobin Oximetry PATCH
10:15am – Congratulatory Messages (Video Compilation) & Senior Design Montage
11-11:15am – Awards Ceremony & Concluding Remarks – Dr. Michael Christie, Dr. Wei-Chiang Lin, Dr. Jorge Riera, & Professor Shahrestani

2023 Sponsors

Cutting-Edge Medicine, LLC, and Dr. Victor Lami




Undergraduate Senior Design Project Expo

The senior design project course is a two-semester capstone experience that is required of all engineering graduates. During the first semester, students learn the fundamentals of design, product development, manufacturing, and quality to produce a device and/or process that addresses an unmet biomedical need. Students engage the biomedical device, rehabilitation, and clinical research communities to secure real-life projects that are of strategic importance to the respective organizations. Upon securing the sponsored project, students in small groups prepare a proposal that details deliverables and timelines to complete the project. Proposals are presented before a committee comprised of faculty members of the Undergraduate program along with the assigned faculty mentor for the project. Projects are vetted by the committee, and scopes revised as needed in order to ensure that projects meet the learning outcomes of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, ABET, while satisfying the requirements of the sponsor. During the second-semester students engage in the development of their design concepts.

Students complete the designs, manufacture the prototypes, and test them in accordance with the design inputs. Students also engage in lectures on research and development, advanced manufacturing techniques, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, principles of design excellence, and intellectual property laws that are presented by industry professionals. At the completion of the project, students make final presentations at a Design Expo and Competition, in front of a panel of industry professionals, who evaluate the performance during the presentation. Students are then interrogated by the panel in order to ascertain their competence in the use of design and engineering tools; advanced quality assurance and statistical methods; engineering standards, and their ability to work in teams.

Finally, students participate in the college-wide poster expo and competition, which showcases their designs to the college community, the public and potential investors.



Aaron Berger, M.D. (Nicklaus Children’s Hospital)
Advatec, LLC
Allied Orthopedics
Apex Medical Technologies Inc.
Arthur Finnieston Bioculptor Corporation
AVEVA Drug Delivery Systems
Biorep Technologies, Inc
BioTools, Inc.
BMC Medical Manufacturing
DDE Lab, Inc
Delhy Arias (BME Alumni), Quality Control Engineer, TissueTech, Inc.
Dr. Jaclyn Schwartz
Dr. Laura McPherson and Anil Thota
Dynamic BioSolution Inc
FIU-Department of Physical Therapy
FIU-Electrical Engineering Dept.
FIU-Physical Therapy Dept. (Dr. Leonard Elbaum)
FIU-Simulation Teaching & Research (STAR) Center
Garrison’s Prosthetics Services
John A. McCarty, President, McCarty Pharma Consultants Inc.
Julian Vasquez, Operations Manager, Surefire Medical
Kendall & Florida Keys Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc.
Kenneth Guyton (BME Alumni), Global Hematology Technical Support Engineer II, Beckman Coulter, Inc
LD Technology
Leonard Elbaum, EdD, PT.
MacBrud Corp.
Marc Ramer, Director of R & D, Innovia LLC
Mark Rossi
Max Biedermann Institute of Biomechanics at Mt. Sinai Medical Center
Medical Photonics Laboratory-MPL
Meghan Clarke and Ricardo Diaz
Miami MedTech