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LatinX Biomedical Engineering Symposium at FIU

LatinX Biomedical Engineering Symposium at FIU

coulterlogoLatinX in BMEThrough the generous support of the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation, and association with LatinX in BME (https://twitter.com/latinxinbme) the Department of Biomedical Engineering will be presenting the Latinx BME Symposium on Friday, March 26 from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Students, researchers, and scientists from universities, industries, clinics, and other venues across the United States and abroad are invited to join us for the day and learn about the latest contributions by the Latinx community to BME.

This symposium will also be an opportunity to share science, build community, and discuss issues specific to Latinx in BME. The program will include a keynote speaker, scientific sessions, short research presentations, panel discussing issues specific to the Latinx community, and a social event.

This event took place on Friday, March 26, 2021 | 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (ET)


Dr. Tatiana SeguraDR. TATIANA SEGURA
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Neurology and Dermatology at Duke University


ABSTRACT: Injectable materials that can conform to the shape of a desired space are used in a variety of fields including medicine. The ability to fill a tissue defect with an injectable material can be used for example to deliver drugs, augment tissue volume, or promote repair of an injury. This talk will explore the development of injectable materials that are based on assembled particle building blocks, for tissue repair. We find that using microparticle building blocks to build the scaffold generates a porous network by the space left behind between adjacent building blocks. Due to the injectability of this microporous material we have explored its wide applicability to tissue repair applications ranging from skin to brain wounds. In this talk, I will describe how MAP scaffolds can modulate the wound healing immune response and lead to regenerative wound healing.

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LatinX Symposium Panelists


Scientific Sessions
10-10:15 AM welcome
10:15-11:30 AM Platform Talks (5 live talks of 15 mins each)
11:30 AM-12 PM Keynote speaker
12-1 PM Lunch break
1-2:15 PM Short Talks (3 mins each, pre-recorded)
2:15-2:30 PM Award Ceremony and conclusion of scientific sessions
Personal and Community Development Sessions
3-4 PM Science of Self-Care
4-5 PM LatinX and a panel on intersectionality
7 PM Social + show and tell – family and LatinX in BME experience